How To Pick Up Girls At The Club


Picking up women at the club is different than picking up women online, at the grocery store or at school. Women who go to a club expect to be hit on. For the most attractive of women, they’ve heard every pick up line in the book. These women get approached by men all the time at the club. So the key is to make yourself as attractive to her as […]

How To Act On The First Date


The first date is sort of like a performance. You are presenting yourself to a stranger to see if they like you. With that said, you shouldn’t pretend to be someone else. Everyone likes someone who is real. However, if you really are a person who curses a lot, you might want to tone it down on the first date. Be sure to be at your best, smell good and […]

How To Have A Good First Kiss


You only get one chance to have a good first kiss. If you’re sharing this first kiss on a first date or with someone who you hardly know, you’ll want to make it a good one. If you end your date with a kiss and you go too far, it’s going to get awkward and this could ruin your chances for a second date. So here is how to have […]

Flirting Tips For Daters


When you’re on a date and want to let the other person know that you’re interested in them, a good way of doing it is by flirting with them. There are both verbal and non verbal flirts you can do to send out hints to them. One of them is by giving them a compliment. You can mention how good they smell or say how you like a particular article […]

Facebook Dating Tips


The most important thing about your Facebook profile is your main picture. This is your first impression. Pick a picture that is actually of yourself and shows you doing something. The rest of your pictures in your profile should show you with your friends, others with your family and others doing physical activities. As for the contents of your profile, make it short but sweet. List a few things you […]

Pros And Cons Of Online Dating


Before 1995 or so, there was no such thing as online dating the way we know it now. Nowadays there are countless dating sites on a wide variety of themes. There is also much less of a stigma involved with online dating now. The most popular free dating site is, although people also use to find dates too. A popular method some use on Facebook is to browse […]

All About Blind Dates


The worst kind of date to have is a blind date. Whether we want to believe it, looks play a major role in whether we like someone or not. We might think that personality is more important, but nothing trumps good looks.With a blind date you’re going into it not knowing what the other person looks like. You (or they) can be instantly turned off. This sets up an awkward […]