Benefits Of Staying Single


I know this is a dating blog, but there are actually quiet a few reasons to stay single. With that said, you can still go on dates and maintain the single lifestyle. Here are a few reasons why staying single is better than being in a relationship. The first reason is an  obvious one, when you’re single you can go out with anyone you want. You can play the field. […]

How To Turn A Woman On (Tips For Men)


Turning on a women isn’t as easy as turning on a man. A woman needs more than just a good looking guy to get turned on. Women want their dates to smell nice, so get your cologne on. A subtle amount is just right. Just enough so she smells it if she gets close to you, but not enough to drive her away. While women do enjoy little presents, buying […]

Valentine’s Day Date Ideas


As another Valentine’s Day approaches, couples (mostly men) across the world are trying to come up with unique and creative dates to take their loved ones to. It’s widely accepted that men give a gift to a woman and take her out on a date. The gift usually consists of a card with some meaningful writing inside and a present like a pair of earrings. Then typically there is a […]

Impress Her With A Hot Air Balloon Ride


Do you want to impress your date? If you’re not afraid of heights and want to share a unique and unforgettable experience with your date, take her on a hot air balloon ride. The best time for one is during the sunset. There’s just something about the view of the sunset that is romantic to women. If your date is afraid of heights and she makes it through this experience […]

Interesting First Date Questions


First dates are always awkward, even more so at a quiet dinner. Here, the conversation should flow naturally the whole time. But sometimes, other than random comments about the weather and the food, things can get kind of quiet. Instead of asking the usual first date questions like where they’re from or how their last weekend was, you can get some interesting conversations going by asking some of the following […]

Feed The Ducks


If you’re looking for an idea for a day date, how about going to a local lake with a loaf of bread and feed the ducks. You will show each other your love of animals. You can bring homemade sandwiches and eat them together on a park bench. When you have an outdoor date like this you’ll get to wear something that your partner would normally not see you in. […]

A Cozy Indoor Date Idea


If the weather is not cooperating with you why not just stay indoors and have a cozy indoor date? One of the benefits of an indoor date is that you don’t have to come up with an excuse to go back to your place. It’s always awkward to ask them if they’d like to come back for some coffee, instead of just stating the obvious. To get things started, you […]